This Is A War On You

Russell Meyers For President 2024
6 min readAug 15, 2022

There has been discussion on Capitol Hill about declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. Secretary of State Blinken has largely declined to enact this declaration thus far. However, Nancy Pelosi is now stating that if he does not issue the declaration, Congress will.

This is an extremely dangerous proposal on many levels and in no way should this happen.

Russia has clearly stated that if this happens, they will sever any and all diplomatic ties with the US. I have pointed out many times that wars are not prevented or ended by any means which do not include diplomacy.

The US has already coerced Europe into plans to cease imports of all oil and gas from Russia. This has not yet been fully implemented and some EU nations have obtained exceptions due to the fact that they are landbound and obtain as much as 85% of their gas supplies from Russia. All of Europe is suffering the worst inflation they have seen since the early 1970’s or longer. People are in fear of having no heat for the winter. Entire industries are shutting down, driving up unemployment to crisis levels. The UK expects utility bills averaging roughly $600 a month this winter, maybe higher. I have heard Scottish citizens have already been burdened with utility bills exceeding an average of $700 a month for a number of months, which will only increase.

If this passes, what would follow would be that any country still trading with Russia would also be declared a sponsor of terrorism and subjected to largely the same treatment as Russia. This poses definite problems.

India, China, South Africa, most South American countries.. In fact, most countries have refused to abide by the US-led trade sanctions against Russia. For good reason. These countries do not only rely on fossil fuels from Russia. Russia remains the largest grain exporter in the world. While grain exports from Russia and Ukraine were suspended, there was immense fear of global famine. Russia also exports fertilizer, weapons, cheese and other goods. Because Russia exports so much fertilizer, the suspension of fertilizer exports has led to as much as a 300% increase in fertilizer prices, which resulted in many farmers reducing fertilizer use, which has reduced crop…

Russell Meyers For President 2024

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