The Real Emergency

Russell Meyers For President 2024
4 min readFeb 18, 2019

Trump has declared a national emergency to build his wall. This after the amount he wanted to fund the wall was not approved by CONgress. I have already covered why the wall and the whole illegal immigration issue is a farce in several other articles, so not bothering with it here.

Yes, I know right wing racists who know absolutely nothing on the subject except what they’ve heard on Faux Nooz et al will respond with more racism. They sometimes try to disguise it in some other way but always fail. Go ahead. I block racists. You’re not worth my time.

We definitely have a national emergency which has existed for some years and has reached critical mass. That emergency has no connection to immigration or a wall. Many people will say we have many emergencies and they would be correct. However, there is one emergency at the root of nearly all of the others. The corporate control of our government.

Corporate control of our government is at the root of the cost of healthcare, denial of insurance to those with existing conditions, every war we are involved in, regime change, low wages, cost of education, the student loan disease, cost of rent, largely responsible for the homeless rate, the federal debt, poisoning of our environment and the way our elections are run.

Corporate control is also responsible for our ever weakening education system, leaving us behind most of the developed world. This is by design, to keep the populace dumbed down to the degree that they have no understanding of what is happening. In addition to no capability for critical thought to independently analyze what is going on in front of their own eyes. What education we do have is more indoctrination than education. Propagating children all the way into early adulthood to be a part of the same system which oppresses them and continue it.

Corporate control is media control. Media control is mind control for those incapable of questioning the narrative. Millions of Americans rely on corporate media to literally tell them what to think on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter which side of the major party divide you occupy, the same corporations are controlling the words you hear and read every day.

Now they are trying to control what you hear and read in alternative media.

We’re told that we cannot afford healthcare for all Americans. Yet we can afford 121 bombs a day at an average $80,000 each. We can afford missiles that cost millions each while

Russell Meyers For President 2024

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