The Future Of Ukraine

Before I begin, let me outline where this fits into my presidential campaign. For decades, US presidents have been attempting to dictate and manipulate international structures and events, most often by military and economic force. The outcome of this practice has led us to where we are now, trying to maintain a dying hegemony at the expense of the American people. The results in many cases are highly predictable and conflicts decades in the making have been quite intentional, no matter how damaging they may be. Rather than using such force at such extreme cost, it is important for a US president to be able to analyze and understand global events in both current and future terms. It is important for all Americans to understand that the US cannot and should not try to rule the entire planet.

If the US government were a business, that business would have gone bankrupt many years ago. To be an effective manager, which is what the president really is, one must understand trends which they cannot control. Then adapt the business practice to make plans accordingly for the continued sustainability of the enterprise.

So, here are my thoughts on the future of Ukraine:

The “support” being given to Ukraine is not support in the long term. It’s the opposite. Much of the “support” has taken the form of loans. This includes the Lend-Lease Program offered by the US, which really amounts to a revolving credit account for weapons purchases.

The last time the Lend-Lease program was used was during WWII, when it allowed England to buy weapons from the US on credit. It took England until 2007 to pay off that debt. Keep in mind that England has a far more robust economy than Ukraine ever has since separating from the Warsaw Pact in 1992.

Ukraine was in debt before this conflict began. Ukraine has relied heavily on what amounts to charity from outside sources ever since divesting from the Warsaw Pact. This became considerably worse after the Euromaidan in 2014, when they ceased trade with the Russian Federation, with whom most of their trade at the time relied.

The end point here is that Ukraine may have resources but the government has been so corrupt that those resources have done…

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