The Fossil Fuel Deception

I have talked about fossil fuels and the deceptions being used against you before. I want to cover a bit more of that.

US media is now pushing how China has increased their purchase of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) from the US. What western corporate media does NOT tell you is that China is buying more LNG from Russia than from the US. It seems unlikely that is going to change.

Another thing western media does not mention is that the US is also buying LNG from Russia. Seems kind of strange for the US to be exporting LNG and concurrently importing LNG, doesn’t it?

The thing is, LNG is not like oil. Oil has different grades which can be processed into different products according to the grade. LNG is methane gas. You hook it up, pressurize it and burn it. No processing needed.

I have mentioned that oil prices rising means higher prices on many other things. So many things we use today are derived from fossil fuels. Plastics, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. Other products may not be directly derived from fossil fuels but require fossil fuels for processing. Take silicone as an example. Yes, it is derived from silica (sand) but that sand must be heated to high temperatures which require fossil fuels. It also requires solvents which are fossil fuel based. Glass also comes from silica and must be heated to high temperatures using fossil fuels.

Most alarmingly, fossil fuels are used in most nitrogen fertilizers used to produce food crops. As a result, a fuel shortage means a fertilizer shortage, which can easily result in a food shortage. Side note: The Chinese government has told their citizens to stock up on some food items for long term storage. Which will lead to panic buying and hoarding in China, the world’s largest food consumer market.

The main point I am making here is that the US exporting fossil fuels while also importing fossil fuels has an express intent. The intent is to drive the price of fossil fuels higher, not just domestically but globally.

Keep in mind how the petrodollar system works. Aside from a few countries that have reduced the use of dollars for oil, oil is sold globally in US dollars. That causes…

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