The CIA Never Defended Their Own Asset

Russell Meyers For President 2024
5 min readDec 13, 2019

In the recent IG report, it is clearly detailed that Carter Page was a CIA asset. Yet the FBI “investigation” did not identify him as such in their applications for FISA warrants for surveillance. The Mueller report did not identify him as such. This is one of the major facts identified as a “misstep” by the Inspector General regarding FBI performance on the Russiagate investigation.

Keep in mind that the CIA signed off on the “Intelligence Report” in January 2017. Keep in mind that the CIA never defended Carter Page, their own asset, when the Mueller report was released.

Keep in mind that the FBI has announced they will be implementing over 40 changes to procedure AFTER the IG report. These are only taking place because of the visibility of this case and because the IG report has been released publicly. There is absolutely no reason to believe they would be making these changes had the IG report been considered classified. There is no reason to believe that the FBI’s use of the methods now being altered have not been used many times against many people.

Keep in mind that Habeas Corpus no longer exists in this country. If they declare YOU a terrorist sympathizer, the “Intelligence” (sic) agencies can detain you indefinitely with no charges, with no trial, no lawyer, not even notifying your family of your location or status. Don’t bother blaming Trump exclusively for this. Once again, he is a symptom, not the disease. Habeas Corpus was suspended first by GWB, reinstated and then suspended again by Obama in 2012 and has remained suspended since then. Trump has not reinstated it.

Keep in mind that there is still no criteria for defining exactly what a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer is. They make the standards up as they see fit. I could be declared a terrorist for writing this. You could be declared a terrorist sympathizer for reading this.

Keep in mind that claims regarding terrorism are not necessary to be a target. Assange is not accused of being a terrorist. Nor are Snowden or Manning. Yet all are targets of the “intelligence” agencies for revealing information regarding those agencies’ abuse of power. Abuses which have resulted in deterioration of your basic rights and taken no small number of lives.

Keep in mind that the “intelligence” agencies have flaunted their power right in front of our faces for over a decade. Clapper lying about domestic surveillance in front of Congress until…

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