Tax Reform

Tax reform in this country has a 42 year history of immense success. You may think otherwise but that’s because you think tax reform means one thing when the intention of every tax reform since Reagan has had the exact opposite effect of what you are told they are meant to achieve.

I completely realize that some of my ideas are going to be viewed by some as radical. However, I contend that such radical ideas are precisely what we need at this time. The fact is that most of my ideas would not have been considered so radical in fairly recent decades of US history. What we should be considering radical is the idea that a select few people should be able to hoard the majority of wealth in this country, even the world, while millions suffer and struggle.

So it’s fine if you consider me a radical. That is, as long as you can offer a rational response which includes actual processes by which we can alleviate the suffering and decrease the wealth disparities which we have been and are currently experiencing. Anyone with clear vision understands that the suffering I mention is absolutely going to worsen. Neither I nor any other intelligent human being will consider it rational if a contrary argument includes trickle-down economics, which has led us to where we are. That is merely suggesting that if you are poisoned, the cure is drinking more of the same poison.

There has been increasing discussion of tax reform in recent years. However, in my view the discussion has not gone nearly far enough. I am far from alone on this, as the majority of Americans have the same opinion. The reality is that the actions taken regarding tax reform have not only fallen short but have gone far in the opposite direction, no matter what party is in the majority or occupies the white house. Yet I am not going to offer criticism or a history lesson. That is not my point. Up to now this is just an introduction to my policy proposal.

My idea of tax reform is actually rather simple. Tax all annual income at over $50 million at 100%. Note I said income, not wages. By income, that means from all income sources.

Some people will scream about this. If you dislike the idea, ask yourself- Do you make over $50 million a year? Do you think you will…



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I am running as an Independent for US president in 2024. Peace, Humanity, Prosperity for ALL Americans.