Syrian Civilians SLAUGHTERED

Russell Meyers For President 2024
5 min readNov 23, 2021

It has been revealed to the public last week that the US military in 2018 bombed and slaughtered 80 Syrian civilians, mostly women and children. The military had been covering up this war crime until now.

This revelation comes after the military killed an entire family of 10, including 6 children, in Afghanistan.

In both cases, the military has claimed poor intelligence. In Syria, they stated they did not know how many ISIS members may have been in that group.

The fact is, it does not matter how many ISIS members were in that group, if there were any at all. What was the rationale for bombing those people at all? To protect civilians from ISIS? So, our government is literally slaughtering civilians to save them from a threat?

I use the word slaughter rather than just “kill” because each incident involved bomb strikes. In Syria, they used first an 800 lb bomb and then a 2000 lb bomb. Do you have any idea what a 2000 lb (one US ton) bomb does to a human body? It detonates with so much force that at close to medium range no shrapnel is necessary because simply the force of the blast would crush a human body, stripping skin and muscle from bone, breaking eardrums, crushing eyeballs and concussing the brain in one split second. Now consider that each bomb creates metal fragments, shrapnel, which tears through the body at a speed faster than sound. Millions of pieces of metal ripping the body to pieces before they even heard the blast.

80 human lives gone in one excruciating instant.

Just to hammer this point home even more. The US presence in Syria is illegal under international law. Our military presence in Syria has not been approved by the UN Security Council. It has not been approved by the Syrian government. It has not been approved by the two governments assisting Syria against ISIS, which are Russia and Iran. Both of those countries offered their assistance and the Syrian government accepted their offers.

The US government and military, on the other hand, are in Syria attempting to orchestrate the overthrow of the Syrian government. We have known for years via leaked documents that the US armed, funded and trained ISIS and Al…

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