Russian Motivation

So much of the American populace has been focused the the “Russian threat” for so long now that it is finally losing steam.

More people are questioning this narrative. Not enough, though.

With all the arguments about the Russiagate narrative, very few have bothered to ask the most basic question- What would Russia hope to gain if all the allegations were true? Seriously, what is their benefit, their profit motive?

I have been asking these questions publicly for some time and have never yet received an answer from anyone who believes the Russia narrative. The only responses I encounter are claims that I am a Russian bot/agent/troll. This is only a means of attempting to invalidate anyone who questions the official narrative. Hint: It’s not working.

So, let’s examine some of the possible motives Russia could possibly have if the allegations hold any truth, then compare verifiable facts which contradict the claims.

1- They want to avoid warfare.

How is that bad? For two nuclear powers to avoid war? There would be NO benefit to war with them. Except to the military contractors hoping to make a profit at the expense of millions of lives.

Before the Russiagate claims came along, our diplomatic relations were the best they had been in many decades. We were making progress. So, why would they have been fearful of war with us?

2- They want us to spend less money on our military.

Again, this is a bad thing? Russia spends roughly 12% on their military compared to our official military budget. And in the past two years they have DECREASED military spending, while ours has famously INCREASED.

But our military budget is not even accurately portrayed. Certain things are not included in our military budget which should be. Upgrading nuclear weapons at a cost of $100 billion per year. (Per commitment signed by Obama in 2016 to spend $1 trillion over 10 years on that purpose.) Covert ops and agencies, such as CIA and NSA. And VA funding. When you add those things to the official military budget, we spend more on our military than every other country on earth COMBINED.

I am not sure of the other factors but Russia has no equation to our VA medical system because they have universal healthcare. Military veteran or not, ALL of their citizens have medical care. (Quality of care would be a completely different discussion which…

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