No More Biden “Dad” Stories

Joe Biden recently said that his father told him that he did not want the government to fix his problems, just to understand his problems.

This is a horrid example of what we can expect from the incoming administration. This was Biden’s version of “hope and prayers”, while having absolutely no apparent intent to solve problems.

Let’s go through a few points this raises.

First of all, this story has to be at least 60 years old. So this must have happened around 1960. Today is not 1960, it is 2020, coming into 2021. That is a span of two full generations. The entire global landscape has changed. Back at that time, unions had much stronger power and taxes on the rich were exponentially higher.

The conversation with his father did not take place during a pandemic which damaged the economy, leaving tens of millions of American out of work and desperate as many face hunger and eviction.

These words illustrate a clinically schizophrenic disconnect from reality. The entire purpose of a government is to solve the problems of the citizens of the country. If the government is not going to solve the problems of it’s populace, why have a government? To have an authority which taxes our wages, imposes restrictions…



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