Biden Angers China AND France!

Russell Meyers For President 2024
6 min readSep 19, 2021

The US has offered to sell nuclear submarine technology to Australia. The obvious adversary which this is aimed at is China. Plus nuclear weapons on the same subs.

Why? To prevent China from blocking trade routes. China is not blocking trade routes, shows no sign of blocking trade routes and denies they want to block trade routes. In fact, China previously traded heavily with Australia.

The most logical response from Australia would be to either continue trading with China or just stop, which would not cost a penny for weaponized ships. Instead, they choose to indebt themselves for decades for ships which they don’t even currently have the knowledge to operate and which will not be delivered for quite a few years. Ships armed with nuclear protect trade routes which are not in danger.

“But China MIGHT block trade routes!”

Keep in mind that the US imposes trade sanctions and embargoes on Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and quite a few other countries.

In response to this nuclear submarine deal, China told Australia that they have indeed made themselves an adversary of China.

Not enough? This deal angers France, who had previously had a signed deal to sell non- nuclear submarine technology to Australia. This US deal undercuts the French deal.

Not done yet.

Apparently Biden had made the suggestion of a one on one summit with president Xi of China. The response from Xi was a solid no.

The Biden administration is claiming that this did not happen. However, one has to take a long and objective look at the evidence.

Consider the Biden approach toward China. Building up forces in the South China Sea, which is a continuation and expansion of the Obama/Biden “Pivot To Asia”, which is when the international tensions with China began. In addition, Biden has continued the Trump tariffs on Chinese goods while using increasingly assertive language regarding China.

Keep in mind that there is still a Chinese corporate executive being held in jail in Canada at the behest of the US executive branch, another continuation…



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