“Bernie Would Have Won”

Russell Meyers For President 2024
6 min readNov 11, 2020

In the past couple of weeks I have seen a rising tide of the claim that “Bernie would have won”.

Stop it.

First of all, this is a completely useless argument. It has nothing positive to offer. The past is the past.

Beyond that, one should consider a number of factors. It is clear that many people are not going to want to think about these things but they need to think about it, any way. None of this is intended to attack Bernie supporters, it is meant as a narrative to close that door and move forward.

It is abundantly clear that Bernie is enslaved to the DNC. At no point has he stood up against the DNC, Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer or Biden. It has not mattered what actions they took to suppress or directly attack him, Tulsi Gabbard or any other person remotely Progressive. Yet you MUST consider that when the DNC elite suppress Progressives, it is the will of the American people who believe in Progressive values and policies who are, in fact, being suppressed and attacked.

Yes, he would have won. IF he had stood up and fought. He did not fight. He steadfastly refused to be aggressive or even objectively critical of Biden in the 2020 primary, just as he has never called out the DNC fraud or media attacks and censorship of 2016. He had 4 years to do so and never fought.

When the DNC at any level says, “bow down”, Bernie bows down. I fanatically supported Bernie in the 2016 primary. If you go back and watch the debates from before the 2016 convention, he focused on issues and policies. He did not allow the discussion to be diverted to nonsensical theatrics. In addition, he barely mentioned Trump at all. Then, the moment the convention was over, everything about him changed. Since the 2016 convention, his rhetoric has been focused on Trump. He supported first Clinton and then Biden. In each case, he surrendered with absolutely no substantive concessions from the nominees crowned by the DNC. The furthest he has gone was gaining a theatrical joint commission between the Biden and Sanders campaigns. Problem was, there was no requirement for Biden to act on the determinations of that commission. When Biden spoke the words, “I am the DNC”, Sanders was silent. Not…



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