Social support programs like food stamps offer a much higher return than the cost in many ways.

Insecure conditions lead to social problems which we pay for every single day.

See this for what it is. A long term general strike!!!

Unemployment went UP again this past week.
People are refusing to be exploited for low wages any more.

I have made previous videos saying that corporate lobbying should be made into a criminal offense. However, those videos were always geared in a political and human rights direction. This time I am taking it in a different direction and focusing on the economic side.

One thing to understand is that some countries already treat lobbying as a criminal offense to varying degrees. They may not impose prison time for lobbyists and lobbied officials but there are definitely prices to pay. These countries view lobbying as exactly what it is- legalized bribery. Unethical and unacceptable.

I am not going to…

The Dems in the House of Representatives praised themselves for voting down a $1 billion subsidy to Israel.

This is all a deception.

It does not reduce how much we…

The Dow is down by 948 points at this recording.
What happens when stocks or the market crashes and why does it happen?
Where does YOUR money go?

If you…

Federal UI assistance ended on Labor Day.

Now, the unemployment rate went UP!

No, Evergrande is NOT the next Lehman event. At least not for China.

If you can afford…

Biden gets lots of credit for the EITC.

The whole thing is a scam and this explains why.

If you can afford it, please donate $1 a month to help…

This is an idea even Libertarians SHOULD be in favor of.

It would be highly realistic to impose a maximum income cap.

Most Americans would pay less or no taxes…

The US has offered to sell nuclear submarine technology to Australia. The obvious adversary which this is aimed at is China. Plus nuclear weapons on the same subs.

Why? To prevent China from blocking trade routes. China is not blocking trade routes, shows no sign of blocking trade routes and denies they want to block trade routes. In fact, China previously traded heavily with Australia.

The most logical response from Australia would be to either continue trading with China or just stop, which would not cost a penny for weaponized ships. Instead, they choose to indebt themselves for decades for…

Cancel culture takes many forms.
When it happens on a large scale, it is censorship.
Some will silence voices based on ideology or celebrity worship.
We have to listen to…

Issues Unite

Issues unite, names divide

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