The pace of modern life locks us into a fight or flight response. A person who is constantly running, performing often meaningless tasks on which we are judged and measured has no time to think, to feel, to be informed.

I have been locked into this mode for some time…

If it has not been apparent to all concerned by now, the Democrats have already lost the 2022 midterms. Just to make it absolutely clear before going further, I am not defending Republicans so don’t start with the two-party cultist mindset.

Democrats have made it crystal clear that they will…

It has been revealed to the public last week that the US military in 2018 bombed and slaughtered 80 Syrian civilians, mostly women and children. The military had been covering up this war crime until now.

This revelation comes after the military killed an entire family of 10, including 6…

Issues Unite

Issues unite, names divide

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