This week Biden announced opening west coast ports 24/7.
This is performative theater and a benefit to WAR Street.
Ports didn’t have to be open 24/7 in 2019, why now?

4.3 Million Americans quit their jobs in August.
Layoff remain constant.
Hundreds of thousands on strike.
The LPR is the lowest in 50 years.
Not exactly a recovery.
No, you can’t…

Lots of news coming out about power outages and Evergrande in China.

What is the actual goal of these reports?

If those reports fail to even mention the human element…

I am back in FB jail for 30 days.
Meanwhile the FB “whistleblower” is promoting more censorship and people are cheering for that.
This is how fascism gains control.


I have stated before that higher oil prices were being manipulated.

Even the oil industry agrees. Now the evidence is quantified.

This has devastating effects on the economy.

If you…

While UI initial claims are still rising, millions are being denied UI benefits.

Millions more are resigning over vaccine mandates or unsafe conditions.

All this means less spending, so fewer…

Tens of thousands of New York medical professionals are threatening to walk off the job in protest against the vaccine mandate.

The governor is considering activating the National Guard.


Biden diverts money from the ARP to hiring more police.

Police act as municipal revenue sources.

They have become mercenaries in the war on the poor.

We don’t have a…

One can pay attention to the stock market going down one day and up the next. However, for weeks nobody has been talking about the obvious. That the market is not climbing any higher. It is dynamically static. …

The oil industry claims demand is back to 2019 levels.
This makes no logical sense when production is down globally.
Look at the evidence and question this narrative.

If you…

Issues Unite

Issues unite, names divide

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